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COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic health wellness

30.11.2020 16:32:52

I want to talk about COVID-19, coronavirus and the whole pandemic world is currently in. I am not even trying to talk about the medical side of the virus or illness, more about us, about people and what we, as a society, should change in ourselves, in individuals.

There are things to notice.

KETO Lifestyle diet

19.7.2020 09:09:51

KETO diet is a very stupid thing for the most of people.

I am not a hater, I have an understanding how it works. I'll explain.

Apps Development Business

8.7.2020 18:36:36

One of my company's Profit Visions clients told me his expectations - pay once for an application and that's it for the lifetime.

He is not a first one, I hear sentences like this very often.

Stargirl TV show DC comics

21.5.2020 19:45:51

I have watched the new Stargirl TV show. I don't know...

It seemed like a weird mix of many types of entertainment.

Eating Food Diet Health Fruit Meal

16.2.2020 10:57:29

It's a month since I've changed my eating habits and it works awesome for me!

How I prepare my meals

Fitness Running Jogging Workout Goal

12.1.2020 20:35:02

In my previous article, I mentioned how does my running workout routine look like. It is basically 5 minutes walk before 10 minutes run. It sums totally in 40 - 45 minutes of running.

My new goal for the upcoming week is to shorten those walks down to 3 minutes each with only starting 5 minute worming walk.

Fitness Running Jogging Hoodie Experience Workout

12.1.2020 13:30:40

So I started my running on treadmill with a hoodie a week ago. It is a very different experience and I want to share it. I will mainly show the difference between running in hoodie and just a t-shirt.

First, here is my current routine:

Young Sheldon Season 3 Episode 4 TV show Sheldon

19.10.2019 14:08:39

This episode was awesome!

Today centered mostly on Missy, who I feel doesn't get enough attention.
Missy got a crush for a blonde boy who plays baseball and wants here dad, George, to teach her to play and some facts about baseball and their favorite team. In that time, Missy didn't really see it, they were bonding.

Young Sheldon Season 3 Episode 3 TV show Sheldon

13.10.2019 12:19:46

This episode did not do much for me. Funny moments, teachable moments, but this Young Sheldon's episode was more less regular, nice, not awesome.

Georgie shows more and more of his business talent when he's selling candy and chocolate bars half cheaper than school vending machine. Guess what, Veronica notices and finds it really awesome that Georgie does something that useful and earning money. The bad thing is he takes it a wrong way and buy her a jewelry necklace for about $100. Veronica gets feeling he is trying to buy her affection and gets mad. I could say she has issues... but Georgie catch on it and at the end of the episode she finds jewelry box on her car. She is confused but opens the box and she finds a simple $0.10 candy necklace. I think they'll get together one day :)

Young Sheldon Season 3 Episode 2 TV show Sheldon

4.10.2019 17:40:30

This episode was great!

Sheldon cut the class so he could... wait for it... learn something since teachers in high school couldn't teach him anything new. His way to do so was class with Dr. Sturgis, but since he is in mental hospital, he did have to find a new way.

Young Sheldon Season 3 Episode 1 TV show Sheldon

27.9.2019 15:12:05

I've been waiting for this for so long and now it's here - Season 3 of Young Sheldon TV show. Let's take a look at how was the first episode.

First I noticed, Iain grown a bit. How could he not, he's at the age of growing. As for Montana (Gorgie), he grown even more, I consider him now a very handsome young guy. Nothing more really changed, at least not noticeably.

bunny pet name

1.12.2018 16:53:18

Wow, this little guy is so cute! We gave him an ironic name... his name's Demon :D Yeah, we seriously call him that.

Borderlands Borderlands 3 game

1.12.2018 16:46:15

I am watching a youtube video about Borderlands 3 I am so hyped for it, can't wait.

You know, Borderlands is so awesome. So many things about this series like 'sociopath' Handsome Jack, super crazy 'aaaaaand opeeeeeen!' Claptrap, Sirens etc. We should hear more about it in a week. Hope that's right!

TV show Star Wars Star Wars Resistance

8.10.2018 20:28:15

A very new Star Wars show - Star Wars Resistance. I know people were complaining about the graphics of Rebels and Clone wars, so they changed it. It looks more like for kids now, it's good, right? :) No, I don't like it.

To other parts, yes it was entertaining, it really was great and I am going to continue watch it.

TV show The Walking Dead

8.10.2018 20:11:53

I just saw the new The Walking Dead TV show, season 9, episode 1.

I have never thought that The Walking Dead is something awesome. It's good, I like it, but not perfect. It's often sooooo looong. Took them several seasons to defeat Nigan or even one single episode to show one memory.

game Final Fantasy Final Fantasy XV

4.10.2018 22:07:16

I play a Final Fantasy XV on Windows. You can even watch it :)

I am so glad they did this port from PS4. It's so weird sometimes, like if there are dialogs that show controller buttons instead of keyboard keys. It works great, no problem in controlling Noctis or anything.

TV show Star Trek Star Trek Discovery

4.10.2018 21:50:48

This week I rewatched the full season of Star Trek Discovery TV show. It is soooo awesome, I love that!

thinking manipulation everday

4.10.2018 21:48:04

I briefly thought of the meaning of the word "manipulation". People often call that something that's generally wrong. Like my mom, when I told her about Microsoft keynote I saw and said "They are so awesome as they speak and suddenly you have the feeling you could do just anything with this laptop." and she said defensively "It's manipulation.".

But I don't longer think it is a bad thing. Think about it, you just convince someone that you way is the best one to achieve his goal.

Apple Apple watch Series 4 smart watch watch

1.10.2018 19:45:11

Today I have talked to a friend who works with Apple products. They will have the Series 4 Apple watch by the end of October. I am really looking forward to get it. It's actually my very first smart watch. In the past, I wanted to get the Microsoft Bend, but than it was canceled, the smartphone division was canceled so it kind of passed with it. 


20.9.2018 17:13:59

Today's workout was weird. In a good sense I mean.

Today it was a leg day, usually it is a workout that completely kills me for at least the rest of the day. This time it wasn't any easier during the training session, but somehow I was able to walk afterwards and even run on a treadmill and now an hour and a half later I'm feeling fine.